QR Code Menus for Restaurants and Bars

Elevate Your Guest Experience

SpotMenus offers a one-stop-shop for creating and managing menus across multiple channels.

Consumer-Friendly Digital Menu Experience

Customers scan the SpotMenus QR code sign with their smartphone and instantly view the menu on their personal device.

  • No download, no registration, no privacy concerns
  • Guests get instant access to all food, drink, and special menus as well as promotions
  • Choose between image or text menus for accessibility and readability
  • Guests may join a waitlist for a table with one tap after scanning your QR code

Convenient and Cost-Effective for Running and Growing Your Establishment

Manage all of your menus on one easy-to-use platform and enjoy significant cost savings.

  • Instantaneously publish menu updates across all channels
  • Generate multiple QR codes for menu groups in different areas of the restaurant, such as the bar, main dining area, and outside
  • Reduce the cost and waste of constantly re-printing menus

Ready For a Better Way to Manage Your Menus?

SpotMenus for Restaurants and Bars
Click the button and complete the form to become a part of the SpotMenus network.
SpotMenus for Restaurants and Bars
Upload text or PDF menus to the SpotMenus platform.
SpotMenus for Restaurants and Bars
Print your QR codes and begin enjoying the convenience of digital menus.