Influence Purchase Behavior Through Digital Promotions
Displayed Within Mobile Menu Options

Supplier brands can leverage Digital Product Features to serve point-of-sale promotions within mobile menus to influence the purchasing behavior of restaurant guests and drive sales volume of specific products.

Digitize Traditional Point-of-Sale Promotions

  • Engage customers at the point of purchase with content that promotes supplier brands and drives impulse buys
  • Encourage guests to try new products, highlight food and drink specials, drive web traffic, create local brand awareness, and promote giveaways and events
  • Digitize traditional point-of-sale content, such as table tents, posters, and menu inserts

Flexible Promotions on Mobile Devices

  • Enjoy the flexibility to easily rotate content to promote seasonal specials and time-sensitive campaigns
  • Distributor reps can distribute Digital Product Features using the same familiar process they use in Instant Impact
  • Repurpose existing creative or leverage BrandMuscle templates to create new promotions

Valuable Business Insights

  • Access analytics on the reach and effectiveness of mobile menu promotions and see detailed impression data by market, brand, account, or location
  • Use analytics to analyze where to invest more in marketing and where to adjust messaging