No-Touch Menus for Restaurants

No-touch menus for restaurants and bars are becoming the new normal to keep guests and employees healthy while enjoying your establishment. You can bring this trending offering to your restaurant by creating a QR code menu with SpotMenus. Our online menu maker allows you to create custom restaurant menus in minutes, and is backed by BrandMuscle—the largest provider of menu books and point-of-sale marketing in the USA.


  1. Submit this form to enroll in SpotMenus.

  1. Use one simple web app to upload your restaurant or bar menus to the SpotMenus platform.

  1. Print your signage of choice with a your unique QR code that guests can scan to access your no-touch menu on their personal device.

  1. Use the web app to update or change your menu offerings anytime.

When you enroll in SpotMenus, guests who’ve downloaded the free SpotMenus app will be notified when they’re near an establishment with a no-touch menu. They can also easily scan the QR code on your door to instantly view your menu and decide if they’d like to go inside to place an order. This minimizes the amount of contact involved with the dining experience and helps you comply with state and federal health recommendations. Using QR code menus also complements the use of disposable menus by offering guests the option of a totally contactless menu or a sanitary physical menu.

Ready to offer your guests a no-touch menu?

Restaurants and bars can use no-touch QR code menus to provide a safe dining experience. With SpotMenus, you can create digital menus online for free so customers can access your restaurant’s menu on their personal device without registering, paying a fee or being served ads.

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