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New QR Code Menu Platform Features

October 2, 2020

Generate Multiple QR Codes for Different Menu Groups; Add Guests to Waitlist

Since SpotMenus launched in June, over 10 million digital menus were served up on a mobile device! Guests are viewing a menu every second on SpotMenus, somewhere in the country.

We’re actively listening and looking for ways to improve the SpotMenus experience for bar and restaurant operators and their guests. New features were recently added for creating QR code restaurant menus to further enhance the contactless dining experience.

Here’s what’s new with SpotMenus:

Waitlist and Reservations

A Waitlist and Reservations feature was added to help establishments adhere to low-density dining requirements and manage guests waiting for a table. Here’s how it works:

1. With one tap, guests can join a waitlist when they scan your establishment’s SpotMenus QR code using their mobile device.

2. The host uses SpotMenus to manage the waitlist and add reservations or takeout orders.

3. When a table is available for a party to be seated, or when a takeout order is ready for pick up, the host can page guests through an SMS message sent to their mobile device.

Multiple Menu Groups and QR Codes

Create Multiple Menu Groups and QR Codes Now, you can generate multiple QR codes with different menu groups for various locations on your property. For example, you may want to show one group of menus to guests seated at the bar versus the main dining area or patio. Also, you can create QR codes and menu groups for special events and catering.

Web Menu Links and Social Sharing

Generate a vanity URL with your restaurant name for your menus and share them on social media with the click of a button.

Improved User Interface for Creating Menus Online

Enjoy simple drag and drop capabilities for creating menu groups and improved navigation.

Who’s Generating QR Codes with SpotMenus?


Log in to get started using the new SpotMenus features. For assistance, visit Support for Restaurants.