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How No-Touch Menus Work

September 18, 2020
As COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants and bars are lifted, physical menus may be a source of uncertainty for guests interested in returning to your establishment. Eliminate unnecessary contact between servers and guests by offering no-touch QR code menus.
What is a QR code menu?
A QR code menu is a square code that guests can scan with their mobile phone to instantly view a digital version of your menu. It helps restaurants and bars comply with health recommendations and regulations by promoting service techniques that minimize contact.
How Do No-touch Menus Work?
No-touch menus prevent the spread of germs and viruses such as COVID-19 that are transferred through contaminated surfaces. Here’s how it works:
From end to end, the entire experience is touch-free. Because guests are able to use a QR code to view the menu on their personal device, there’s no need for them to handle a physical menu. A no-touch menu entirely eliminates unnecessary contact when ordering so that your guests and employees can confidently enjoy the dining experience.
Ready to offer no-touch menus at your restaurant or bar?
Creating a QR code menu goes a long way in protecting your customers and employees. Get started in just a few minutes by logging in or signing up for SpotMenus.