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Find Nearby Restaurants, View Menus, and Join Waitlists with SpotMenus iOS App

October 28, 2020
SpotMenus by BrandMuscle has released a free iOS app for helping guests find nearby restaurants and scan QR code menus. The app, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, supports a totally contactless menu experience to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Its key features include:

1. Find Contactless Restaurants

Guests can use the SpotMenus app to find contactless restaurants when they’re looking for a nearby place to eat that’s following state and CDC guidelines. As long as a restaurant has uploaded at least one menu to the platform, guests will be able to locate it through the app. In fact, the app will automatically notify users of an available menu when they are near a participating establishment—no QR code scan needed!

2. Scan and View No-Touch QR Code Menus

SpotMenus allows guests to access full restaurant and bar menus on their mobile device for a contactless dining or carryout experience. Guests can simply open the app, scan the QR code, and their device will instantly display the menu. No touching of physical menus is required, which reduces unnecessary contact between the server and other guests. As always, SpotMenus does not require registration or user fees, it does not serve ads, and there are no privacy concerns.

3. Join a Waitlist for a Table

If the establishment is at capacity, guests can use SpotMenus to join a waitlist with one tap and receive an SMS notification when their table is ready. This feature makes it easy for restaurants and bars to manage low-density dining requirements and the longer wait times associated with operating at reduced capacity. Plus, guests do not have to hold on to a physical, high-touch pager to be alerted that their table is ready.

Visit the Apple Store to download the app and discover restaurants near you offering no-touch QR code menus.