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QR Codes on Table Tents

April 5, 2021
Wondering if QR codes on table tents can help your establishment better serve guests and adhere to state and federal food service guidelines? Learn what QR code table tents are, how to make them, and best practices for using them at restaurants and events.

What are QR Code Table Tents?

A QR code table tent is a self-standing display with a QR code printed on it that restaurant guests can scan with their smartphone to view the menu on their personal device. It’s an effective and cost-efficient way to display menus, special deals, or other promotional content while minimizing physical contact. QR code table tents may be made of thick paper, leather, or plastic. They don’t take up much room on the table, are reusable, and can become permanent fixtures of a seating area or be moved around.

Why Use QR Codes on Table Tents?

- Table tents stand on their own and guests do not have to touch it

- Servers do not need to bring menus to the table

- Table tents are easily sanitized

- QR code menus can be modified online anytime without needing to be reprinted

- Keep guests engaged with digital content

How To Make a QR Code Table Tent

1. Log in to SpotMenus to access the QR code menu generator. If you don’t have a SpotMenus account, sign up for a free 90-day trial or register through your beverage distributor.

2. Use one simple web app to upload your establishment’s menus to the SpotMenus platform.

3. Choose from different table tent options and design templates to print your QR code on, then let the BrandMuscle print center handle the rest.

4. Use the web app to update or change your menu offerings anytime.

QR Code Table Tent Best Practices

Customize your table tent and QR Code:

Customize your table tent by adding colors, logos, and images that represent your brand. You can also use one side of the table tent to highlight certain menu items or drink specials.

Include a call-to-action

Add a call-to-action to encourage guests to scan the QR code. Keep it short and to the point, for example, write "View menu" above the QR code.

Create a stunning digital menu design

Improve the mobile menu experience for your guests by making sure your digital menu design is easy to read and navigate.

Test before using your table tent

Before printing your QR code table tents in bulk, test it to ensure that it scans and displays the menu properly. For example, printing the QR code too small size will make it unscannable. The best size for a QR code on a table tent is 2 x 2 cm.

Other Ways to Put QR Code Menus on Tables

- Stickers on the table – Simply stick the QR code in a visible corner of a table

- Coasters – Put your QR code on a reusable or disposable coaster

- Tabletop Inserts – Similar to QR code table tents, table top inserts are embedded into the table or underneath a clear plastic covering so guests can easily scan the QR code from above

- Sandwich Boards – Post a QR code on an outdoor sandwich board to allow passersby to view your menu

- Business Cards – Give business cards to guests so they can always scan the menus from home

Having QR codes on table tents is promising in many ways—you can modify your table tents in real time, the digital menu reduces paper waste, and you can offer seasonal specials or limited time offers with just a few clicks.

Ready to create your own QR code table tents?

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