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How to Create a QR Code Menu for Your Restaurant or Bar

November 24, 2020
Looking for a QR code generator to create contactless menus for your restaurant or bar? QR code menus have become increasingly popular to provide a safer dining experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in line with CDC and state guidelines. But they’ve quickly become a permanent fixture in many establishments for their convenience, cleanliness, and cost-efficiency.

With one simple platform, you can make your own QR code menu in less than five minutes.

What is a QR Code Menu?

A QR code menu is a square code that guests can scan with their mobile phone to instantly view a digital menu. It helps restaurants and bars comply with health recommendations and regulations by promoting service techniques that minimize contact. Using QR code menus allows guests to have one less shared touchpoint while dining out, making it a safer alternative to physical menus.

Aside from safety, there are several other benefits to creating a no-touch QR code menu for your restaurant or bar. QR code menus can be updated in real time; if you run out of an item you can simply remove it instead of having servers explain that it’s no longer available. Chefs can also make changes to the menu on the fly without worrying about the cost or waste associated with reprinting. Overtime, the cost savings of transitioning to a digital QR code menu can be significant.

How to Create a QR Code Menu

Creating a no-touch digital menu is simple with the SpotMenus QR code menu generator for restaurants and bars.

1. Log In to the QR Code Menu Generator

Log in to SpotMenus to access the QR code menu generator. If you don’t have a SpotMenus account, sign up for a free 90-day trial or register through your beverage distributor.

2. Customize Your Menu

SpotMenus allows you to customize your settings so that certain menus appear at different times of the day or week. Once you’re logged into the SpotMenus platform, select the location you wish to manage, then click “Menu Manager” and “Add Menu.” You’ll then be prompted to enter your menu name (i.e. brunch menu, happy hour, dinner) menu type (i.e. food, drink), and customize the display hours.

3. Upload Your Menu

From here, you can either upload a PDF menu or create a text-based menu within the platform where you can add the name, price, description, and more for each item. Save your changes by clicking “Add Menu to Location.”

4. Add Menu to a Menu Group

To generate your QR code, add the digital menu to a Menu Group by dragging your menu from the available menus on the left to a menu group on the right. If you’d like all your menus to be accessible through a single QR code scan, simply drag all menus to the same menu group. Or, if you’d like different menus to appear at different locations within your establishment—such as the bar area or outdoor seating—you can create separate QR codes by creating a new menu group. An unlimited number of QR codes can be generated through SpotMenus.

5. Download Your QR Code

Once your menus have been uploaded, click “View QR Code” located above Menu Groups within the Menu Manager, then click “Download QR Code.” You can print the QR code on regular paper, or contact your BrandMuscle rep to have it professionally printed on different types of signage—from table tents, to window clings, to coasters.

When you’ve printed out your QR code or received your signage, it’s ready to be scanned by guests. To access the menu, guests simply scan the QR code with the camera on their mobile device—and there’s no registration, downloading, ads, or fees.

You can update your menus at any time without the need to generate a new QR code or reprint it. You can also leverage other features of the platform for contactless dining, including managing waitlists and reservations.

Ready to improve the safety of your establishment with QR code menus?

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Can a QR code take you to a website?

Yes, a QR code takes you to a website without the hassle of manually entering a URL. If you upload a restaurant menu to SpotMenus, you can create a QR code that will direct guests to your online menu instantly.

How do I scan QR codes?

To scan a QR code, make sure that the QR code is well-lit and clearly in view. Open the camera on your mobile and position it over the QR code. A pop-up should appear that will instantly direct you to the intended website.

How long do QR codes last?

QR codes do not expire. There is no limit on the number of scans your SpotMenus QR code allows.

Are QR codes still relevant?

The pervasiveness of smartphones with native QR code scanners in their cameras have made QR codes increasingly relevant. Especially in 2020, QR codes are relevant for providing contactless dining and supporting other no-touch technology.